Cloud Services

What is a cloud service?

You may not know it but most employees will be using cloud services throughout their workday.  Cloud services are basically a range of on demand services delivered, over the internet, to you, your employees and your business.  They’re an affordable, easy way of accessing applications and resources through an exterior cloud service provider so that you don’t need to have your own internal infrastructure or hardware.

How do cloud services work?

Cloud services work very efficiently and cost effectively because they are fully managed by us, a proven cloud computing service provider. Our cloud services are made available to you, the client, from our servers ensuring there is no need for you the host the applications on your own server.

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What are the benefits of cloud services?

There are a number of different advantages to you when choosing to use our cloud services which include:

  • Scalability – As your business changes your storage needs can change, the number of licenses may need to be increased to allow for a larger workforce, you may want some applications enhanced or the services you use through our cloud services may change, but those changes are all easy for us. If you want to scale your business up, or even scale it back when necessary, we can make that work. It’s not quite so easy to scale things the way you’d want if you’ve committed to the purchase of your own servers and applications but with our cloud services it’s as easy as ABC.
  • Cost Efficiency – We’ve got all the infrastructure and software covered so you don’t have to. No worrying about investing in additional resources or paying additional IT staff to handle things. And with our cloud services being provided for a monthly or annual fee this saves you having to pay for software licenses. You can access software, storage and other services all without having to spend your money on infrastructure, maintenance and ongoing upgrades.  We do all that for you.
  • Increased flexibility – Through our cloud services you can pick and choose what services you want on an as need basis. If you don’t need a specific application then you can cancel it. If you want to shut down a particular service then shut it down you can.  Our cloud services are all about making things work for our clients. And as an added bonus our cloud computing allows your staff to be more flexible with working remotely. If anyone needs access to their data anytime, anywhere you can quickly and easily connect to your virtual office.  Because in this day and age working remotely is not only a viable option, it is sometimes the only option.
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