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Supporting our clients is a cornerstone of our business. This comes in all forms, but especially with the software we offer. Using all the right tools is only great if you use what those tools provide effectively.

Cloud Services

Especially with the current working climate, more and more staff are getting familiar with the idea of working from home. This has boosted demand for systems that can be accessed easily from anywhere when needed. You’ll see services like Google Drive, OneNote & Dropbox have made these systems common place in the working environment.

With our cloud-based services, we offer flexibility to adjust as your business changes, reduced costs as you don’t need to maintain your own infrastructure, and freedom to expand your services as you grow.

Business man connecting icons via the cloud

IOT Consulting

It’s important to stay connected – normally we say that about loved ones, but today it’s important to stay connected to your home. With the ability to run your lifestyle from a smartphone it’s easy to focus on the small-scale Internet of Things (IoT), but the implications are much bigger!

Looking to the future, New Zealand can implement Smart technology to become a true smart city with intelligent and interconnected technology to improve everyday life.

A city at night with icons for the connections through the Internet of Things

Data Visualisation

In the modern era, data plays a huge role in how we plan for the future. Reflecting on historical records can help us pre-empt issues that may arise, or at the very least be prepared to deal with them as they come.

Data visualisation allows us to interpret and make sense of large amounts of data to shape plans and processes to ensure positive outcomes.

Colourful lines showing data
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