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Welcome to Smart City, a New Zealand-based pioneer facilitating the evolution of urban environments into more efficient, safe, and sustainable spaces. Since our founding in 2021, we’ve been at the forefront of integrating smart technology into everyday city life, focusing on enhancing public safety, energy efficiency, and quality of life for all residents.

Our approach is grounded in practicality and is centered around three key areas: Transport, Waste Management, and Smart Furniture. By harnessing the power of smart devices, we gather and analyse real-time data to improve urban mobility, streamline waste collection, and introduce innovative furnishings that contribute to a more connected and efficient urban landscape.

Our mission is to support communities in adopting these technologies, transforming their approach to city living and operations without veering into the realm of science fiction. It’s about making tangible improvements today that pave the way for a smarter tomorrow.

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What Exactly is a Smart City?

In its simplest form, a Smart City is a city of the future. It’s a city that uses innovative technologies and AI (artificial intelligence) to improve its overall quality of life. These smart technologies are all data-driven, meaning they can offer us valuable insights into various operations across our networks. Using this useful information, we can eradicate inefficiencies and make vast improvements to our cities.

Smart Cities can think for themselves and make decisions based on real-time data analytics. So how do we collect this data? We offer and support a range of smart and innovative IoT (internet of things) devices. Some of these devices are: Smart Radar, Smart Bench, Smart Bin, Smart Outstation.

City showing buildings with solar panels and wind turbines

What are the Benefits of a Smart City?

For you

Our smart technologies improve quality of life by making cities cleaner, energy-efficient, sustainable, safer, and more enjoyable to move around. Our IoT solutions reduce road accidents, congestion and shorten commute times. All these improvements result in a happier and healthier lifestyle for you and your community.

For the planet

Our Smart City initiative aims to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste – leaving the planet a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable place to live.

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