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Smart City is leading the shift towards cities of the future through insights gained to build efficiencies and sustainability into our cities, saving time, resources, and the environment. We use various electronic methods and sensors to capture and report real-time data around how we move around our cities. In reality, it is fast becoming the essential core industry that communities are using to transform the way they live and work.

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What is a Smart City? I’m sure you’re asking yourself.

In its simplest form, a Smart City is a city of the future. It’s a city that uses emerging technologies and AI (artificial intelligence) to offer previously inaccessible insights into various operations across our networks. Result? Valuable information about where we can eradicate inefficiencies and how we can make our city more liveable for its people.

A city that can think for itself and make decisions based on real-time data is pretty cool. Don’t you think? How do we collect this data? We offer and support a range of smart and innovative IoT devices. Some of these devices are – Smart Radar, Smart Bench, Smart Bin, Smart Outstation.

City showing buildings with solar panels and wind turbines


For you

Reduced congestion, shortened journey times, increased public safety, and economic growth. Result? Happier lifestyle, healthier lifestyle! No longer will you spend 12 hours of your week sitting in traffic due to the lack of smart technologies across our road networks. That’s just one of the benefits!

For the planet

Reduced energy consumption, reduced carbon emissions, reduced waste. Result? Cleaner, greener, and sustainable living! For example, rubbish collection. How often do you see rubbish bins overflowing in the street? Too often. Using our Smart Bin, we can compact the rubbish 7 times using power generated from the sun (solar) and send an alert when it’s full. What does this mean for the planet? 7 times as much rubbish into each bin – 7 times fewer collections – 7 times less fuel consumed -7 times less energy required – 7 times as much money saved! Awesome.

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