Smart Bench

Bench seats have been a staple in public spaces for a very long time but other than providing somewhere for you to rest they had little other value. That will all change with the new Smart Bench – a solar-powered urban furniture for smart and sustainable cities.

Technology is now such a major part of everyday life – our phones don’t just make calls but they keep track of our calendars, provide up-to-the-minute news, they allow us to keep our social media up to date, get contacted in an emergency and the list goes on. A smart bench is a great way to get connected, get charged and get comfortable.

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Charging Mobile Devices

Phones and various types of wearable devices can be charged 24/7 via built-in cords, USB ports and wireless pads using only solar energy.

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WiFi Hotspot

Smart Benches provide free of charge WiFi connection using SIM card (3G/4G/LTE). Our clients can leverage the WiFi hotspot login page to promote its products and services.

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Environmental Sensing

Gathered relevant data via built-in sensors (environmental, gases, particles, footfall counters) enable clients to create a broad picture of the city’s air, ambient quality and movement of people.

Smart Bench Mini

Designed to blend nicely into any location and easy to retrofit these smaller benches are ideal for parks and playgrounds. The mini bench has space available to promote your business so while people are sitting, charging and getting online they are also engaging with your brand.

  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to install in just a few simple steps
  • Attractive and modern design
  • 100% solar powered standalone system
  • Same footprint as a regular sized park bench

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Smart Bench

This smart bench is slightly larger than a normal everyday bench and also has a more futuristic design. The steel structure that wraps around the wooden bench symbolises infinite flow and energy transformation from electrical to solar. Again this bench has space available for branding, advertising or a message to the users.

  • Futuristic and monumental design that grabs passer-by’s attention
  • Slightly bigger than a regular park bench, that can host groups of people
  • Branding surfaces that are suitable for innovative artwork design
  • Equipped with a basic set of sensors
  • Easy maintenance
  • 100% standalone system that works 24/7, under all weather conditions
  • Installation on a specific location is managed by SE team

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Smart Bench 2

This solar-powered Smart Bench with its minimalistic design blends smoothly into the streetscape. It represents a classic form of advertising pillar with a twist, which brings it into the 21st century. With a large screen for branding, advertising or a message to the users this is the ideal position for engaging with and increasing your customer base.

  • Modern appearance and elegant form
  • Similar footprint as a regular park bench with minimal public realm impact
  • Packed with an advanced set of sensors:
    • Environmental (temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient noise)
    • Gas (CO, NO2, O3, SO2, N2S)
    • Particles (particle monitor, respiratory irritants) – optional
    • People counter – optional
  • Standard formats of artwork
  • Easy maintenance
  • 100% standalone system that works 24/7, under all weather conditions
  • Easy to install

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The purchasing of 5 Smart Bench Mini, signals the development of ‘Smart City’ networks, offering free services of WiFi, phone charging capability, and thus improving the quality of life of citizens, within the terms of a more sustainable way of life.

Vasilis Pergalias
Mayor of Municipality Tanagra
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