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Innovation Is The Difference

It’s often the mentality of a “We’ve always done it this way” that sadly holds us back from forging new changes and achieving new results. For any individual or even large-scale city to produce great outcomes, innovation is an essential part of the toolkit. Innovation will drive us forward into the age of digitalisation, and it will make the difference between the city we currently live in and the smart city we will all relish residing in the near future.


Community Inspired Innovation

Historically, our cities developed and changed as result of planners needing to respond to the demands and views of multiple stakeholders. What makes community innovation different from other forms of social innovation is placing the focus on the community as the champions of change.

We aim to get communities involved and enthusiastic about Smart City and become drivers of innovation. If we can accurately demonstrate to the various community stakeholders where we are now, the vision of where we can be, plus the methods we need to utilise to affect that progress, then we envisage our cities joining us for the journey. A major part of this process is seeing where our planning policies intersect with people’s day to day lives and developing progress that will help shape our future urban environment in socially sensitive and environmentally friendly ways.

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

Albert Einstein

Join us on the journey as we find the way to make our cities better... and smarter!

Latest thinking

Global Innovation

The G20 Creates the Global Smart Cities Alliance to Establish Universal Norms and Guidelines for the Implementation of Technology
Global Smart Cities Alliance. This is the name given to the network established during this year’s G20 summit to ensure the most important economies in the world work together to establish norms and values for smart cities.
How can cities assist the visually impaired?
Over 1.3 billion people are affected by some form of visual impairment. With the growth of people living in our cities and the importance society places on inclusiveness it seems smart to empower those with visual impairments to take a fuller part in city living through accessibility.
DECARBONIZING CITIES – Integrating buildings, infrastructure with people’s mobility
Two-thirds of global CO2 emissions come from cities that over half of us live in. Addressing this will be a big factor in our current battle against climate change.
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