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Delivering Urban Services Through Data – Smart AMB
City planning becomes more and more difficult as cities continue to grow - so cities around the world are looking to analyse their data, and improve the ways they collect that data. This is the story with Smart AMB, which is looking to manage this data, how it’s collected/stored and develop a platform to utilise it for projects.
Why is New Zealand Leaning Towards Smart Cities?
In the 21st century, where complex technology and consistent advancement are commonplace, our cities’ convergence with smart living innovations are clearly inevitable. New Zealanders’ desire to become and remain connected via online mediums has become insatiable, and our tenacity to adopt new digital trends and attractions is unwavering.
How Does IoT Influence the Development of Smart Cities?
Smart cities use digital technology to improve public safety, energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life. They use IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as connected sensors, lights, and meters, to collect and analyse real-time data. City administrators can then use this precise data to carry out initiatives like improving infrastructure, public utilities, and services.
Smart City Solutions to Everyday Issues
A smart city is a city that uses innovative technologies and AI to improve overall quality of life for inhabitants. These smart technologies are all data-driven, meaning they are designed around valuable insights into various aspects of life in the city.
Data and the Impact on Privacy in the Modern Age
Not everyone is aware of how much data is associated with them on a daily basis. Internet searches, location tags, photos, messages, data transfers, emails, etc. They all create a picture of the type of person you are, and there are whole schools of thought on how this picture can be taken, or even manipulated.
Benefits of Advanced Radar Tech for ITS
Our associate company Traffic Systems Ltd have recently installed two units of our premium model #smartradar from smartmicro at Auckland Airport.
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