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What Does the Future of Smart Cities Look Like?
Cities are becoming smarter and smarter. What new technologies will we see next? Let’s learn what the future of smart cities will look like in a few years.
A Look at Smart City Devices
At Smart City, we have developed smart devices that aim to modernise existing systems and create solutions to common city issues. Here's how they work.
How Smart Cities Promote Sustainability
Smart cities can utilise information and technology to improve processes and create management systems all while promoting sustainability. Here’s how.
The Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Cities
While smart cities provide opportunities to solve problems, there are also new challenges that arise with the new technology. Read more here.
How Big Data Impacts Smart Cities
How Big Data Impacts Smart Cities Big data in smart cities play a crucial role in improving the way cities work and communicate with its residents. Data collected through IoT devices can help government heads reshape methodologies, improve infrastructures, and optimise processes that provide a quality lifestyle to citizens. What is big data? Big data is […]
The Move from Geopolitics to Technopolitics
The rise of decentralised protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are controlled by neither states nor companies are shifting the world order and putting the power on the internet. The introduction of crypto protocols, which can safeguard property and execute contracts beyond the boundaries of traditional nation states, have addressed the weaknesses in global technology firms. Here are the ways in which we are transitioning from an age of geopolitics to one of technopolitics.
Crypto Architecture and Smart Cities
Blockchain is mostly used to secure transactions on the internet, but blockchain technology isn’t only limited to the turbulent world of cryptocurrency. Smart cities can implement the technology to prevent the manipulation and modification of information and increase operational efficiencies.
How Blockchain Can Empower Smart Cities
Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system, most commonly used for transferring cryptocurrency. Blockchain enables network participants to exchange data with a high degree of reliability and transparency without the need for a centralized administrator. It is a system based on chains of data blocks that, once published, cannot be modified. The application of this technology could be hugely beneficial when it comes to smart cities solutions.
Data Ethics And Security In Smart Cities
Smart cities are designed to meet the needs of citizens and make life more convenient and sustainable. And because of the many benefits a smart city brings to citizens, more city heads are using smart city planning to make transport, energy, and other civil sectors better suited to people who live in urban areas.
The Benefits of a Smart Waste Management System
NZ smart bins are the newest type of waste management technology that helps cities reduce waste effectively. A smart waste management system allows sanitation workers and employees to obtain real-time data, which helps prevent the bins from overflowing, contributing to healthier and smarter cities.
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