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Why Should We Have Free Public Wi-Fi in Smart Cities?
The importance of free public Wi-Fi in cities should be recognised. We cover the benefits, challenges, and ways to implement free Wi-Fi in a city.
Air Pollution in Smart Cities
What are the different sources of air pollution in cities and their impacts? We discuss solutions to reduce air pollution in smart cities. Read here!
How to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Cities
Traffic congestion is a significant contributor to reduced movement efficiency. We discuss strategies to reduce traffic congestion in cities. Read here.
Smart City Mobility and the Future of Transportation
Smart city mobility includes technologies that allow us to address current challenges in transportation. We break down successful smart city mobility.
The Key Elements of a Smart City
From infrastructure to transportation and community, we list the key elements of a smart city and how they can be implemented in your city. Read here!
Why Smart Cities Need Smart Security
How do smart cities ensure the safety of their residents and prevent data breaches? We explore smart cities and security, discussing the importance.
What Does the Future of Smart Cities Look Like?
Cities are becoming smarter and smarter. What new technologies will we see next? Let’s learn what the future of smart cities will look like in a few years.
A Look at Smart City Devices
At Smart City, we have developed smart devices that aim to modernise existing systems and create solutions to common city issues. Here's how they work.
How Smart Cities Promote Sustainability
Smart cities can utilise information and technology to improve processes and create management systems all while promoting sustainability. Here’s how.
The Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Cities
While smart cities provide opportunities to solve problems, there are also new challenges that arise with the new technology. Read more here.
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