Smart Bins - Solar, Compacting, Smart Waste Management System

Smart waste management systems are the best way to keep our cities clean. Investing in technology like the smart bin with its intelligent waste monitoring and rubbish compacting ability will mean vast improvements in our waste and environmental services. When compared to a standard rubbish bin, the smart bin will win every time.

  •  A standard rubbish bin overflows and stays that way for some time – a smart bin does not.
  •  A standard rubbish bin emits polluting smells – a smart bin does not.
  •  A standard rubbish bin is emptied on a waste collection set schedule – a smart bin is not.

Smart bins need emptying less often, which means that the air pollution caused by rubbish trucks is reduced, as well as petrol, and traffic congestion—resulting in a healthier life for us and the planet.

Managing our waste streams in a smarter way yields powerful results.

Smart City Bin

Smart City has partnered with Mr Fill, the new solution for waste collection in smart cities. The Mr Fill smart bin cuts rubbish collection costs while reducing litter and pollution, thanks to its smart solar-powered technology.

What is the Smart City Manager?

The Smart City Manager is a management and monitoring system that registers your waste container’s status and usage data and sends the information to your employees when emptying is required. The capacity of the solar-powered waste containers is communicated numerous times a day, which results in a more efficient refuse collection at a lower cost.

Size and Design

The solar-powered compacting smart bin is available in three different sizes – Ultra Fill 120Little, Ultra Fill 120L and Ultra Fill 240L. Made with 2mm high-quality powder-coated (containing extremely high-quality iron) steel and produced in every colour. To ensure quality results the entire manufacturing process is all done in-house.


The bins have a compacting force of 600kg – meaning regardless of the type of rubbish in the bin, the compaction ratio of 1/5th to 1/7th is achieved every time. Therefore, the smart bin needs to emptying five to seven times less often than a standard bin.

A computer and smartphone showing the Smart City Manager App
Smart City Ultra Fill Family

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Solar Panels

The Smart Bin’s solar panels are placed at a 10-degree angle so no rubbish can be placed on its surface. They are also located at an optimal gradient for capturing the sun’s rays. The polycarbonate protection plates that surround the solar panel, prevent discolouration and, most importantly, ensure that it is resistant to vandalism.


Equipped with 24/7 LED lighting, our smart bins are easily identifiable in the dark. Their exterior can be personalised to display a logo, indicate how full the bin is or show a sign which encourages the use of the bin.


Our sound module allows you to have a personalised message to the public – so you can encourage people to use the bin or thank them for doing so.


The sturdy bin cover is made with 316 stainless steel, ideal for dealing with all weather conditions and waste acids. The lid is strategically placed on the side and opens in a downward movement, so it does not get jammed by the flow of rubbish in the bin. The cover will automatically lock when the bin is at capacity and can also be locked remotely via the smart city manager technology.

The integrated ashtray allows for cigarette butts to be collected separately, thereby preventing fire hazards. The removable compartment inside ensures easy cleaning, the ashtray is also flush with the door preventing water from running inside it.

The galvanised foot pedal allows the bin to be opened without touching the cover and will automatically close once the foot pedal has been released. This helps to reduce the spread of germs and infection.

Smart City Ultra Fill Family
Smart City Ultra Fill Family
Ultra Fill Family
Smart City Ultra Fill Family
Smart City Ultra Fill Family
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