SmartTraf uses a combination of today’s most advanced radar technology specifically designed for Traffic Management – smartmicro TRUGRD Stream, paired with the most advanced hardware integration system – SMATS Traffic XHub & iNode to pull valuable real-time traffic statistics data and valuable real-time travel-time data to provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance and operations of our transport networks.

SmartTraf will change the way our roads are managed, allowing for safer intersections and highways, and more efficient roading infrastructure.

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SmartTraf System

The system identifies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from devices like smartphones and tablets via their unique MAC addresses. By tracking these addresses, SmartTraf can monitor individual movement patterns, whether they’re drivers or passengers. This enables the system to measure travel times and average speeds accurately on various road segments. This data can assist traffic engineers in monitoring traffic flow, pinpointing congested areas, assessing construction impacts, and displaying dynamic traffic data on road signs.

Additionally, we integrate advanced traffic radars to enhance travel-time analysis, allowing segmentation of vehicle types and sophisticated object classification. This enables differentiation by lane between various road users, such as pedestrians, bicycles, and various vehicle types, and provides detailed measurements of speeds, vehicle gaps, and traffic volumes.

What is SmartTraf?

SmartTraf is an advanced hardware and cloud-based traffic data analytics tool for Road Controlling Authorities. It provides all the Departments–including Transport Operation, Engineering, and Planning–accurate and robust traffic information for better management of traffic congestion.

What is SmartTraf + Radar?

SmartTraf’s cloud-based software – iNode – ingests data from smartmicro radars to provide Transport Engineers and Transport Planners real-time traffic count and classification data as well as queue, stopped vehicle, and wrong-way data. Smartmicro’s ultra-high definition traffic sensors feature advanced multi-lane and multi-object tracking radar technology.

SmartTraf Features

Alerts on Radar Data

Get email notifications on volume, occupancy, stopped vehicle, speed, and queue length; changes in real-time based on static thresholds or historical traffic patterns.

Real-Time Data

Radar data is synced to SmartTraf’s iNode in realtime for prompt creation to traffic status and decision-making.

Visualisation of Historical Data

Get data visualisations through SmartTraf’s iNode for before and after studies and comparisons of traffic trends over weeks or months.

Open API

iNode™ fully documented REST API makes integration with other systems seamless.

Radar Data
Travel-Time Data


Ultra High Definition
Detect up to 256 Vehicles Simultaneously
Long Detection Range (984 ft)
Seven Object Classification
Working Under all Weather Conditions
Maintenance Free
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