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Smart City encourages the building of partnerships with planning consultants and developers who are ready to embrace the change toward smart technologies. We collaborate with these community leaders to drive innovation and begin to integrate smart infrastructure into new and existing projects. We aim to work with those who share and champion our values of innovation, sustainability, teamwork, progressive thinking, and quality. Our partnerships allow us to source and deliver the best possible products and outcomes in the world.


Soluxio Grid: solar streetlight
Feed the power grid with solar energy

The Soluxio Grid offers the perfect solution to the high-power consumption acquired by public lighting. This expert technology works by feeding solar energy into the power grid during the daytime and then withdraws what it needs to light the streets at night. Every solar streetlight is equipped with the most efficient solar cells on the market (>20%) and does not need a battery to operate.

The Soluxio Grid streetlight is a scalable solution to the increasing demand for electricity and safety on our streets.

Braums Streetlight

Our Mission

Empowering every citizen and every organisation to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable approach on life.

Our Vision

Create a better everyday life for our citizens and create a better future for our planet.

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