Smart Radar

The Smart Radar is today’s most advanced radar technology specifically designed for traffic management. The ultra-high definition (4D/UHD) sensors can detect over 250 vehicles all at the same time for up to 10 lanes of traffic, regardless of the weather conditions.

The Smart Radar, in combination with the Smart Outstation, will change the way our roads are managed—safer intersections and highways, and more efficient roads.

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Smart Radar System

The radar’s sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane and multi-vehicle tracking currently available. Regardless of whether they are monitoring vehicles on a straight or curved road, they have the highest detection performance and excellent count accuracy achieved to date. In addition, the sensors can easily classify road users into seven different classes—pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, people movers, trucks or buses, and long trucks—only adding to their already precise accuracy.

The Smart Radar is flexible and accurate due to its use of both forward-firing and side-firing radar technology. The sensors are deliberately discreet and non-intrusive for road users and are easily installed into existing infrastructure. Each sensor has a set of fail-safe features such as blind and rain detection, misalignment reporting and interference suppression. Ultimately, the radar is built for long-term operation, dependability, and unfaltering accuracy.

Smart Radar firing examples, forward firing and side firing
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