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Using Smart City devices can help your city plan for the future, modernise existing systems, and collect/analyse data in ways you never thought possible – all working to achieve better results for you and local citizens every step of the way!

Smart Bins

Dealing with community waste has been a difficult problem for city councils all over the world. There has been very little innovation when it comes to rubbish bins – until now. Smart Bins can cleanly and effortlessly store large quantities of waste for longer periods of time and with much less upkeep than a traditional rubbish bin.

Utilising solar power and compacting systems, the bins reduce the need to be emptied as often, which cuts down on the associated pollution and expenses of regular maintenance.

two sizes of smart bins

Smart Bench

When we look at how connected the world is today – smartphones and tablets stand out as pioneers of this shift. In the modern day it’s vital that you stay connected to contact friends and family, and the factors that can limit that is access to Wi-Fi and power supply.

The Smart Bench solves both of these problems, while still integrating into the existing space. There are park benches all across cities in New Zealand that are currently used just for sitting – the Smart Bench keeps this existing premise, while also providing more modern requirements for public spaces.

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