Professional woman using a smart city device to navigate streets

A Look at Smart City Devices

With populations rising, the need for urbanisation also increases. That is why our cities are now turning to technology to manage resources effectively and improve the quality of life of their citizens. At Smart City, we innovate smart city devices and offer smart city solutions that aim to improve different areas of the city – public safety, energy efficiency, transportation, and more. We run down what our smart city devices are and how they help transform the way people live and work.

Smart Bin

Imagine if your trash bin could talk and tell you that it’s already full. With our Smart Bin, you don’t have to because it does exactly that. We have developed a technology that enables intelligent waste monitoring and rubbish compacting. This way, we can improve the city’s air quality, ease traffic, and reduce our carbon footprint. With the Smart City Bin, your city can lower rubbish collection costs while reducing litter and pollution using solar-powered energy. How? The smart bin has solar panels on its surface that make it self-sufficient. It is equipped with a system that collects data and displays the bin’s fullness. Collection officers can use this data to decide the best time to empty the smart bins. Rubbish trucks no longer have to be on the streets all the time, which reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, and the use of petrol.

Smart Bench

While typical benches offer people a place to sit and relax, our smart benches help you remain productive even while you’re resting. Smart City has developed a solar-powered bench seat designed to form smarter and more sustainable cities. Smart City’s Smart Bench features USB charging ports that enable you to charge your phones and other various types of wearable devices using only solar energy. Our smart bench also provides a free WiFi connection to help you stay connected with your peers and colleagues. Lastly, it has built-in sensors that provide relevant data of the city’s air quality and movement of people.

Smart Radar

Smart Radar is a multi-lane, multi-vehicle tracking system that can detect over 250 vehicles all at the same time for up to 10 lanes of traffic, regardless of weather conditions. It can classify road users into seven different classes – pedestrians, bikes, passenger cars, motorcycles, people movers, trucks or buses, and long trucks. How does this technology help with cities? Equipped with accurate and ultra-high-definition sensors, it can report misalignment and interference and can also detect rain. Smart Radar utilises discreet and non-intrusive technology that allows roads to become more manageable and have safer intersections and highways.

Smart Outstation

Due to the rising number of vehicles on New Zealand roads, we have innovated a product that helps improve traffic operating systems. The BRAUMS Intelligent Outstation features several applications, including travel time calculation, street-lighting control, and more. It provides traffic delay and incident information via an application running on a phone or tablet so that road users can make informed decisions to improve their journeys. Our Smart Outstation can improve wait times, traffic flow, energy efficiency, and road safety. Working alongside the Smart Radar, roads and highways become safer, and traffic becomes more manageable.

Smart technology is here to stay

There’s no denying that smart technology is the key to relieving and solving common city problems related to traffic, public safety, and energy efficiency. And now, thanks to smart city devices and IoT solutions, smart cities aren’t just a concept or a dream of the future. We are already on our way to expanding technologies to connect better, improve infrastructure, and boost the efficiencies of our cities. Eager to learn more? Contact us today.