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Collecting and analysing data is a key aspect for any smart city’s development. Using our ERDs, you can start collecting data right now, and build as you go to help dissect your needs to improve existing road networks for the benefit of local citizens.

Smart Radar

The best tool you can have for managing traffic systems is accurate and reliable data. Our Smart Radar systems are top of the line, using advanced multi-lane and multi-vehicle tracking to monitor a variety of road conditions. The system classifies registered traffic into specific classes to ensure data accounts for any variables.

The Smart Radar is part of the newest wave in traffic management technology – no matter what you’re wanting to track.

8 lanes of traffic driving towards and away with lights on

Smart Outstation

Collecting data on traffic is important but putting that data into effect has to be a top priority. Using the data collected by the Smart Radar system, the Smart Outstation can provide real time details for on road users, and the data it outputs can be used for future traffic planning and improvements around the city.

Cars in lanes in traffic
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