Smart Bench Case Study

Smart benches were a smart choice for healthcare pioneer company Roche when they wanted to engage with people as part of their campaign for World Cancer Day. Roche is the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical company and, since being founded back in 1896, now have locations in over 100 countries as well as being ranked very highly when it comes to sustainable healthcare in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Roche Belgrade, in particular, is all about innovation and were looking for a way to raise awareness of World Cancer Day and other important healthcare issues while also assisting hospitals by providing a tool that would increase their patient and visitor satisfaction.

And so just prior to World Cancer Day Smart Benches were set up in two locations in Serbia with a larger plan for further benches to be installed across healthcare facilities across Serbia. Smart benches enabled Roche to provide information on their range of products, the WiFi landing page allowed for information sharing and creating a connection with patients, and as an added value the smart benches provide a place for visitors or mobile patients to recharge both their devices and their health and wellbeing.

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The main purpose of Smart Benches in these healthcare facilities is educational. Through the free internet connection that the benches provide, users can access information portals aimed at the general population. They offer educational content written both by physicians and specialist, as well as by current patients or those who have overcome the disease, thus offering comprehensive insight into the frequent, and serious health problems.

Dragana Nikolić
Roche Corporate Communications Regional Director
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