Visual of a smart city showing interconnectedness

How Big Data Impacts Smart Cities

Big data in smart cities play a crucial role in improving the way cities work and communicate with its residents. Data collected through IoT devices can help government heads reshape methodologies, improve infrastructures, and optimise processes that provide a quality lifestyle to citizens.

What is big data?

Big data is huge amounts of data derived from smart devices wherein officials can extract valuable insight and information. Because they’re dealing with huge amounts of data, it can be overwhelming to process without proper visualisation. Thanks to data visualisation, businesses and governing heads can better comprehend complex data to help them make data-driven decisions faster and in a more informed way. City heads are better equipped to initiate smart city planning, reduce environmental footprint, and maximise the city’s use of resources.

Where is big data collected?

Big data is a culmination of real-time data collected through an information technology component called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT works by communicating between connected devices while exchanging data through wireless connections. Smart city sensors and connected devices can collect data and allow city heads to analyse them for better decision-making. These can be collected from:

  • Smart cars – smart cars with mobile systems and smart radars can communicate with each other and with cities. This exchange can help reduce congestion, prevent accidents, and improve navigation.
  • Surveillance systems – camera surveillance helps with traffic enforcement, safety, and crime detection.
  • Environmental sensors – environmental sensors such as those in trash bins can help with smart waste management and keep cities clean. Data from smart bins can help reduce congestion and petrol pollution.

What areas does it have an impact on?

Big data can have an impact on various sectors of the city, including:

  1. Security and public safety – Smart cities can ensure the safety of citizens through the help of predictive big data analytics. Studying historical and geographical data helps identify when and where crimes are most likely to happen, therefore preventing them to take place. Because of this, the city turns into a much safer place for citizens.
  2. Public transport – One of the main problems in cities is traffic congestion. It can cost cities millions of revenue. Through big data analytics, city heads can analyse data from transport authorities, monitor traffic, and manage transportation issues to reduce congestion.
  3. Smart city planning – Big data stored and embedded in the city can help provide a clear picture of what is lacking within a city and implement data-driven methodologies to resolve these issues. Mapping infrastructure needs in a city is highly possible when there’s accurate data to indicate areas that need further development.
  4. Sustainability – Regular analysis of the growth of a smart city makes it possible for officials and city heads to implement changes continuously.
  5. Wise and effective spending – Using big data analytics, worthwhile investments can be made. Data collected can suggest which specific areas need work and what type of upgrades are necessary to improve the city, without wasting resources.

Big data entails big changes

Big data plays an invaluable role in creating smarter cities. Through the help of sensors and IoT devices, this data can help city heads recognise patterns, predict movements, and further optimise processes. Whether big data is used to reduce crime, improve water systems, or reduce road accidents and congestion, there’s no doubt that big data enables city heads to make better decisions based on real-time alerts.

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