Busy intersection with construction site and Smart Radar on traffic lights

Benefits of Advanced Radar Tech for ITS

Our associate company Traffic Systems Ltd have recently installed two units of our premium model #smartradar from smartmicro at Auckland Airport. With this application we are moving away from the days of manual loop cutting and showing how advanced radar technology is the future of #ITS. These radars not only integrate directly into the existing traffic signal controller, but also have the ability to classify trajectory groups.
smartmicro was also chosen for a trial in the #auckland CBD at the intersection of Victoria/Halsey Street. The intersection had recently been paved and choosing this advanced radar technology negated the need to cut loops, immediately increasing the life of the pavement.
Just one of the beauties behind this solution is in that we are no longer required to dig up the road to install new loop infrastructure. This in turn saves the integrity of the pavement, and saves our countries #energy and #resource. This will also see our government save in cost of labour!

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A short clip showing our recent install of Smart Radar alongside our associate company – Traffic Systems Ltd. The devices are located at the intersection of Victoria & Halsey Street in Auckland’s CBD.

Detection, collection and classification all in one product! With this new technology we are able to offer valuable insight as to the performance of intersections, and classify trajectory groups.

We are able to count pedestrians, cars, trucks, buses, vans, cyclists etc. and also read and report average speeds and flow across various time sets. Just a couple of the amazing features of our radars!

See if you can spot them next time you drive past, they are very discreet!